It's a proven fact that all living organisms tested on this planet have toxins.  Toxins are everywhere - air, water, soil, food, etc.  Yet, mainstream medicine often refuses to recognize that symptoms can be caused from chronic toxicity.  (They do, of course, recognize acute toxicity like lead poisoning.)

There are many ways that your body handles different toxins and some people are naturally able to detoxify faster.  Slow detoxifiers, either from genetics or poor nutrition and lifestyle, often suffer with poor health.  A wide range of conditions are believed to be caused or aggravated by toxins.  For help with detoxification, give us a call.  Below are a few helpful ideas:

  •     Eat cruciferous vegetables
  •     Exercise & sweat
  •     Keep bowels moving at least 1x per day
  •     Far InfraRed Sauna
  •     Get proper rest
  •     Clay / mud packs with castor oil
  •     Herbs for liver, colon and kidneys
  •     Chelation

It is important to avoid toxins as much as possible:

  •     Drink clean water.
  •     Eat organic food free of pesticides, herbicides & hormones
  •     Use natural products in and around your home and on your body
  •     Don't eat junk food

The most important and pro-active thing you should do is know if you need treatment for heavy metal toxicity.  We utilize hair analysis, urine challenge testing, and comprehensive blood work to get a clear picture on the state of our patients' health.  We provide a detailed report of all the findings and a treatment plan that can help bring back your health or keep you in good health. For more information visit Science Based Nutrition in the services section of this site.