NeuroCranial Integration

What is NeuroCranial Integration?

Neuro Cranial Integration (NCi) is a chiropractic technique that improves most cranial and spinal misalignments through a gentle stretch to the dura. Dura is the connective tissue around your brain and spinal cord that attaches to the cranial bones, the upper neck and the tailbone. By gently stretching the dura you can “get the wrinkles out” and pull bones back into place. NCi treatment is quick (one to two minutes) and painless. Most patients think it feels great and best of all the results are often systemic. Because NCi improves the balance in the nervous system patients often have improved organ function along with relief of pain. People have had relief of everything from migraines, insomnia, ADD, and seizures to constipation, tremors, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Almost everyone can benefit from NCi but especially those that have had head or neck traumas. Almost any symptom could be the result of cranial misalignment and if it is, the only cure is a cranial adjustment.

Quote from Craig Ross, DC, creator of Neuro Cranial Integration:

 "If you're trying to restore your health, doesn't it make more sense to start at the place where all healing begins — in the brain? Your brain regulates every one of your body's functions to the minute detail... without exception. No lasting healing can take place until the brain is balanced and functioning optimally."

What Does NCi Feel Like?

 Patients typically feel a deep stretch in the back of the head and into the neck that is painless.

Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, at this time most insurance companies will not reimburse for cranial adjusting. We charge a small cash fee for this very beneficial service.

Why Your Dura Is So Important

The brain and the spinal cord are protected in a tough material called the dura mater (translated from the Latin to mean, “tough mother”). It’s a membrane which acts as a durable sheath holding the brain hemispheres together and extending down the spine and body. When the dura is misaligned/ distorted it causes an uneven pull, causing distortions (twisting) of the skull, the spine and the entire nervous system. Research shows that the spinal alignment and cranial bone alignment follow the alignment of the Dura Mater. The resulting changes to the nervous system due to this distortion can lead to all types of symptoms.

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