Weight Loss

Many patients seek our help for trouble losing weight.  When weight loss does not occur despite diet changes and exercise, it could be simply due to the wrong type of eating approach or the wrong type or amount of exercise.  For many, the problem can be due to a sluggish thyroid, chronic stress, hormone imbalances, toxicity, chronic infection, or nutrient deficiency.  Another common problem is the slowing down of the metabolism from calorie-restricted dieting.  Most difficulties arise from some health problem that is not being addressed because it has not been diagnosed.

Dr. Hess doesn't usually recommend restricting calories.  If you eat the right foods you won't eat too many calories.  One of the many treatment options available for weight loss is Body Restoration Technique (BRT) Treatments.  It is an acupressure treatment that can assist in weight loss and other health problems.

For most weight loss patients Dr. Hess recommends a thorough analysis of their health through comprehensive blood and hair analysis. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis of the weight loss barriers present.   For more information on this see the Science Based Nutrition section of this website by clicking here.

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