Exercise is a key for supporting good health and ensuring a healthy future.

There is no substitute for exercise.  And that's why Hess Chiropractic Center is pleased to be located inside Gold’s Gym of Culpeper. 

After your pain begins to diminish, rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints is essential, otherwise, your original symptoms are likely to return. 

Dr. Hess recommends specific exercises for individual patients based on their unique health needs. All the equipment we need is available through our unique relationship with Gold’s Gym.  When you see how good you feel, you will hopefully continue exercising as a means to maintain good - pain-free! - health.

However, please consult with us before you embark on a new exercise program. Because joint restriction and muscle imbalances or weaknesses can go unnoticed,  a new exercise program could cause additional injury. We can help detect and treat these kinds of early problems - helping ensure that your exercise program is a productive and healthy one!