Science Based Nutrition

If you want to be really healthy in a polluted world, where nutrition is almost always far less than adequate, even in those that try to eat right, then you need to know what toxins you are dealing with, what you are deficient in, and which organs are not functioning optimally.  Comprehensive blood, hair, and urine testing can help reveal this important information.  After a physical examination, urinalysis, and thorough history Dr. Hess will decide which tests need to be run and will send you to LabCorp for your (fasting) blood draw.  Your hair can be cut for a sample at home or by your hair stylist.  It is easy to do and will not cause any changes to the appearance of your hair.  Once we get all the results in one to two weeks we set up an appointment to go over your customized written report.  This report will include recommendations for supplements that you can purchase from us at a competitive price or you can get your own.  If you use inferior brands you may get inferior results therefore we recommend you use the same brands we use whether you get them from us or not because these products have been show to work clinically.

Your medical doctor is not going to run most of these tests on you unless they suspect something and then they may interpret them differently. We use a more narrow range for normal on most of the labs we run because we are looking for optimal function, not just the absence of disease.  Also, labs base their normal on the people being tested and the vast majority of them are sick people or the typical poorly nourished Americans.  We need to narrow the ranges of normal to reveal what needs to be done to attain true health.  In your report yellow will indicate your lab value was not out of the normal used by the lab but was outside what we consider to be a healthy normal range.  Red will indicate abnormal beyond the labs normal range. Blue will indicate severely high or low lab results. To see a sample report click here.

This testing is not usually covered under insurance. Hair testing is usually considered investigational and therefore not covered.  The cost of the testing is very reasonable because we use pre-paid tests that are bought in bulk.  You would likely pay more if you use insurance due to copays and non-covered items.

Call today for more information and to make an appointment. Everyone should be tested.

To download the Patient Symptom Survey which needs to be filled out prior to your Science Based Nutrition visit please click here.  Pleases print it and bring it with you at your appointment.