Stress & Emotional Relief

Stress is the underlying cause of most diseases.  Fortunately, mental and physical stress can be helped naturally.

According to Eastern medicine, emotions are stored within the tissues of our bodies.  These emotions that are kept inside “brewing” can cause needless suffering, not just mentally, but physically as well.

Chiropractors treat vertebral subluxations (that is, misalignments in your spinal column), but if the cause of the subluxation is an emotion or trauma, then that emotion must also be treated – and released – in order to ensure long-term benefits and correction.

Dr. Hess uses two techniques to help treat subluxations caused by stress and stored emotions:

·        Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT (More information online at; and

·        Neuroemotional Technique/NET (More information online at

EFT is a simple technique that Dr. Hess shows his patients for their use at home.  NET is used during office visits.  Both techniques utilize the acupressure system to help release emotions.

It’s hard to understand the powerful benefits of these techniques until you experience them yourself.  So, don’t let the fact that these techniques may seem unusual at first stop you from trying them.  They have been immensely helpful to millions of people – you could be next!

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy are important for stress relief, especially if you have pain.  Nutritional therapy is also often recommended to help combat stress in the body.  Many nutrients in the body are depleted by the effects of stress and, when these nutrients are depleted in the body, the damaging health effects of stress increases.   Dr. Hess uses nutritional therapy and a variety of “adaptogenic” herbs to help patients who are currently combating, or recovering from, the effects of stress in their lives.

We also recommend use of our state-of-the-art water massage table that you float on, fully dressed except your shoes, while it melts tension away with powerful hot water jets.